Meet Pete Chapman

Hello. My name is Pete Chapman. I’ve been teaching since 2000 and after serving as an inaugral teacher at Mountain Range High School I chose instead to teach at Vantage Point High School. Before teaching here, I served for five years at Mountain Range and before that I taught for several years at the middle school level. I enjoy teaching all levels of mathematics and hope that my love of teaching translates into a love of learning for my students.

I was born in Northfield Minnesota. We moved to Colorado before I began school, to Arkansas when I was in 3rd grade, Arizona when I moved up to 7th grade, and in 1992 I returned to Colorado. I can’t see myself living anywhere else.

I’ve been married to the same woman since 1994 and we have one child, a daughter named Natalie. Natalie attends school in Adams 12 and plays violin for the school orchestra and piano on her own time. She hopes to be in a play or three.

I earned my bachelor’s degree from Regis University and my Master’s in Education—Secondary Mathematics Curriculum & Pedagogy from CU Denver.

My teaching philosophy is short and sweet. We keep hearing that anyone can learn. I truly believe this is true, but i insist on adding that the volume of what a person learns and the ability to use what they have learned are directly correlated to the level of dedication one has and the effort one is willing to put into the learning. With that said, I have high expectations for my students and their efforts both in and out of class. In addition, I feel it is my responsibility to make myself as available as possible in an effort to help maximize the results of my students’ efforts. Education is like anything else in life… You tend to reap what you sow.

Pete Chapman


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